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About people, places in and around Chase County Nebraska


#1     LYNNEBEAR@aol.com

Thanks to your site at least I know there was a town called Chase. I called several state offices and they all told me there was not such town "ever" I have been trying to find a birthdate of an Aunt who was born in Chase, Chase Co. Nebr. in either 1898 or 1897. Guess I will have to order a birth certificate from Lincoln. I cannot find anyone who knows for sure as all of her children are deceased. She is in a Nursing Home in my town - Paonia, Colo. Thanks again, I found it very interesting. (I have two Aunts and one Uncle who were born there.)

Webmaster Note: Will try to get any surnames this person is looking for to see if any of you match out there in cyberspace.



#2     Doug Shepherd           dougshepherd@hotmail.com

I am researching my family history and have discovered that my mother and two siblings were born on a family farm in Chase County. Their names were Esther Marie JEFFREY, Gladys Pauline JEFFREY, and Harold Ed JEFFREY. Their parents were Ella Josephine (STINNETTE) Jeffrey and William Pitt JEFFREY. I would appreciate any information and/or copies of records such as birth, marriage, etc. for this family. A younger brother, Merle JEFFREY was born in the hospital in Imperial. Ella's family, Jesse and Laura Esther (BRABHAM) STINNETTE lived in the area most if not all their lives. I would also appreciate any birth, death, census, marriage, etc. records for the STINNETTE or JEFFREY lines. A separate name I am searching for is any information on Ed FANNING, especially birth, death, marriage, etc.

Thanks for your time and efforts.


#3    Bobby and Myrna Sharp      myrbob@uswest.net

I am looking for information on William and Dora KUHNS who lived on the CALDWELL Ranch near Imperial. William KUHNS was my wife's great Uncle.

Thank you.


#4   Shirley Siems Terry  3572 Camino Hills Drive   Camino CA 95709


My husband's father, Sylvester TERRY, (and his twin sister Sylvia) was born in Chase County in 1908 in a sod house built by his parents, Alva Ansel and Lou Ella (DINNELL) TERRY. (I have a picture of the farm with all the sod buildings.) Both parents died in Chase county in 1932 and 1965, respectively. We'd be interested in any TERRY or DINNELL connections. Both families came to Chase County from Daviess County MO.



#5      Carol snicks@cityscape.net


I am working on a KRUSE history and I have a Mathias KRUSE that was born 23 October 1873 in IL. He died 26 December 1940 in Wauneta Chase NE. He married 23 October 1937 to a Maxcine COX. I would appreciate any info on Maxcine COX KRUSE after 1940. She may have remarried as I understand that she was quite a bit younger than Matt. Could some one please keep an eye out in your research for her. Sure appreciate it. Thank you.



#6     G. T. Kellogg, Jr. XKELLOGGX@aol.com

I am seeking information on my paternal great uncle and aunt, Don D. KELLOGG and Donna KELLOGG nee MILLER and their descendants.  An August 1928 obituary for Ida Evaline KELLOGG in the Hawarden, Iowa newspaper mentions Don D. KELLOGG of Wauneta, Chase NE as one of her two surviving sons. The second surviving son mentioned was Dewey A. KELLOGG of Valentine, Cherry, NE. I understand from word of mouth that both brothers were ranchers who married sisters - Donna and "Dutch", and that one of the brothers owned and ran the Double D Ranch. I am unsure as to the location of the ranch - i. e. Wauneta or Valentine . I also understand that the sisters maiden name was possibly MILLER and that they were of German or Dutch origin. Information developed to date is as follows:

Webmaster Note: I did a check and did find several mentions in data bases for Double D businesses, the closest one being in Dundy County directly to the South. I also checked and there are no listings in Chase, Dundy or Cherry for any KELLOGG families. :(((

Parents of Don D. KELLOGG are:

Henry Wescott KELLOGG, b. 29 Nov 1845 in Titusville, Crawford Co. PA,  d. 22 Jun 1908 in Hawarden, Sioux Co. IA. &   Ida Evaline SEAMAN, b. 04 Aug 1852 in Randolph Township, Crawford Co. PA.

Date of Marriage: 12 Dec 1871, location unknown (probably PA)

Known Siblings:

1. Dewey KELLOGG (b. ?, m. Etta MILLER, sister of Donna MILLER, d. 1943 in Cherry Co. NE),

2. Roscoe J. KELLOGG (b. 07 Aug 1877 in Titusville, Crawford Co. PA, m. Pearl YEAMANS, d. 24 Dec 1918 in Geraldine, Chouteau Co. MT),

3. Leta I. KELLOGG (b. 17 Jun 1882, location unknown, m. Clark ALLEN, d. ?),

4. Lester N. KELLOGG (b. 14 Jul 1885 in IA, m. Estella THRAILKILL, d. 16 Aug 1926 in Geraldine, Chouteau Co. MT),

5. Lois B. KELLOGG (b. 10 Jul 1890 in NE, m. James STANTON, d. ?),

6. Alonzo H. KELLOGG (died young). 16 Aug 1928 Obituary for his mother, Ida Evaline SEAMAN KELLOGG lists home as Waunetta, Chase, NE.

I do not have a date or place of birth for either brother, but assume it was around 1870, most likely in Pennsylvania . My grandfather and their younger brother, Roscoe J. KELLOGG, was born in Pennsylvania in 1877.

Any information on the above gratefully appreciated. Will share information with related lines. Yours very truly.



#7      Randal McQuown          apwu178@execpc.com

Hi, I am interested in the surname of McQUOWN. My grandfather James David was born in Imperial, Chase, NE in the 1890's.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated, thanks!



#8     Vickie            angelwings74@hotmail.com

I am looking for information on Leroy MACE (nickname "Jiggs) born in Lamar, Nebraska in 1905 or 1906. We presume that he is now deceased as we have lost track of him. His nephew, Bob SPILMAN is the person looking for Jiggs. We know that he spent time in a VA hospital in Nebraska, but are unsure as to which one and lost track of him at that time. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you



#9     Joan Black Lund   515 Bonnymeade   Champaign, IL 61821-3490      j-lund@uiuc.edu

Am looking for any information W. HOLTZCLAW and his wife, Ella/Ellen, who were living in Chase Co. in 1894. Is he buried there?

Thank you.



#10     Chad          Djhavic1@aol.com

Hello, I am looking for any information that you might have on Joseph HONIG that moved to Nebraska from Czechoslovakia in the mid to late 1800's. He was born in Omaha, Douglas, NE on 26 Jan 1911. I believe that his fathers name is Rudolph HONIG. He eventually married Josepha HAJNY. He died in the year 1954 and she died in 1959. Any information on these two people would be great. (Especially Rudolph HONIG) Thank You.



#11       Betty Jane Wojdyla      Burlington, WI      wojdyla@bbw.tds.net

Seeking information on the Theodore SPANGLER family residing in Bissell Pct. in Chase Co., in 1900. Theodore bn. 11 July 1850 in Bureau Co., IL; md. (1) Janetta PEEBLES 1871; md. (2) Elizabeth BENSON. He died 1905, supposedly in Chase Co. Among his children were:

Archie Theodore SPANGLER bn. 1872 md. to Eva INMAN;

Addie md. Elmer BRADLEY;

Jane bn. 1898.

Did the children stay on in Chase Co? Where are the family buried? Any help with this would be appreciated.



#12    Gerrie                      GerrieGid@aol.com

I am looking for information about a Blanche Cemetery which is supposedly connected to Blanch Church. Also looking for information concerning those who homesteaded property in Blanch.



#13      Judy Berreth                   edjudy@clearwater.net

How would I go about getting the obituary of Wallace W. DAVIS, whose obituary could have possibly appeared in the Imperial, Chase, NE local newspaper  (webmaster note: The Imperial Republican) sometime after his death which occurred 19 Jan 1954. He actually died in Chicago, Cook, IL, and was brought out to Chase Co. NE for burial. Any help I'd truly appreciate.



#14      No Name???            schoen@freewwweb.com

I'm looking for information on and descendants of Oliver Wendell Holmes CHURNING b. August 05, 1885 York, Lincoln Co., NE   m. Ophia Easter HOSCHOVER  06 December 1916 Imperial, Chase Co., NE  d. Imperial, Chase Co., NE  date unknown.



#15    Sydne McCoskey       Denver, CO       jjmcii@attglobal.net

I am looking for help on a family: Edwin Bert Simpson and Lillian M. Keller. I know that they lived in Imperial and Champion. Would like to know what cemetery they are buried.

Also need help finding their children and their descendants. Children: Gene, Edna, Jennie, Lillie, Robert, Teddy, and Victor.

Thanks to all for the help and time.



#16    Ted R. Tedfrd    3207 Duttn    Waco, Texas 76711    crownt@aol.com

I am looking for any information pertaining to the name Coe in the county of Chase from its beginning up to the 1920 census. I need information on the family before and after Orland Chris Coe, who to my knowledge died and is buried in Imperial.


#17      Linda Banks       Minneapolis, MN   FlorenceEm@aol.com

I am researching family members from Chase County. I learned that someone once indexed the graves at the Chase Cemetery there. Has anyone heard of this, or have access to this?

I was born in Scottsbluff, NE, and spent my highschool years in Imperial, Chase County, NE. My family: BANKS, homesteaded there, and GODDARDS also lived there. 

I enjoyed finding the Chase County site. My gr grandfather, George BANKS and his wife Annie Robertson BANKS, emigrated to Nebraska from Scotland, and homesteaded in Chase County. My Grandmother, Arie GODDARD Banks has many Goddard family members who lived there. I have much information about the Champion mill, and early Chase County. Many of my family are buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, in Imperial, and at Chase Cemetery, a smaller cemetery near where town of Chase used to be. I lived in Imperial as child.

Any info appreciated. Thanks



#18     Carlene Hancock Palsson

I'm trying to help my father find information on his grandparents. All we have is this:

Charles HANCOCK Born March 15th, 1861, Died June 15th, 1908. He lived in Champion, NE. He was the County Commissioner for Chase, County. He was killed in a horse drawn buggy accident. He is buried in a cemetery in Champion, NE. He was married to a Jennie APPLEGATE Hancock. They had a son named George Hancock (dates?)

James Royal HANCOCK born Jan 23rd, 1891 in Nebraska City, NE. Died Oct 17th, 1939. Buried in Imperial, NE. He was a postmaster for Champion, NE. Maybe a daughter Irene born Feb 22nd, 1903 , Died Aug 18th, 1903. My father is Clifford Charles HANCOCK, son of James Royal Hancock.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



#19     Donna E. Martinez      MADEJAGE@aol.com

I am searching for information on the following families in Chase Co.:


My mother,  Doris Elaine Stephenson, grew up in Imperial. My great aunt...Marguarite (?, Drabing) Houston still lives there. I am having the worst time finding any information on these roots.


Thank you for your time.



#20      Clifford Charles Hancock    Seattle    Cpalsson@aol.com

Charles HANCOCK was born March 15th, 1861. He died on June 15th, 1908. He was The Chase County Commissioner at one time. He was killed in a horse drawn buggy accident. He was a farmer in Champion, NE. Charles was married to Jennie Applegate.

Charles is buried in a old field turned cemetery in Champion, NE. They had George Hancock, (after a war he lived in a old soldiers home in Lincoln, NE.) They also had James Royal "Roy" Hancock, born 23 Jan 1891 in Nebraska City, NE. He died 17 Oct 1939. He died of Asthma and heart failure. "Roy" Hancock was the Postmaster for Champion, NE. for a few years. He married Flossie Viola FULK on 15 May 1912 in Imperial, NE.

Flossie designed hats, was a seamstress and a mid-wife. Flossie died on 9 Jan 1953. Killed by a drunk driver. She and James are buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Imperial, NE. "Roy" and Flossie had two sons. Clifford Charles Hancock, born 21 Dec 1918 in Champion, NE. James Lyle Hancock, born 5 Dec 1921 in Champion, NE.

Any information will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,



#21      Arvil Hancock Sunnyvale, CA ArvilH@aol.com

I am looking for the parents of Charles HANCOCK who died 15 Jun 1908 and is buried at Champion. He was born 15 Mar 1861 (?). Understand he was a Chase County Commissioner at one time. Are death certificates available for 1908? Any chance of a newspaper obit? Please email me.

#22    Ron Hine       rhine@kv.k12.in.us


I am looking for information on David Green HINE, the Publisher of the Chase County Chronicle, in Imperial Nebraska in 1886.


#23      Mary"Lee" Stewart         Mstwrt@aol.com

Searching for names: FUQUA, LEE, DESELMS, AULT,




#24     Sue Turner      uusue@aol.com

My husband and I are looking for information on his grandmother and great grandparents:


Looking for information on the HUDELSON family in Chase Co after 1884. Dr Julius HUDELSON was b 12 Feb 1846 in Quincy, Adams Co, IL. His wife was Elsie Matilda DOVE, b 8 Dec 1861 in New Market, Taylor Co, MO. They were married in Maryville, Nodaway Co, MO on 17 April  1881.

Two of Julius and Elsie's children were born in Chase Co, NE. Leonard "Earl" Hudelson b Sept 12, 1886 and Lauretta Agnes Hudelson b Jan 8, 1888. Other children were William Authur Hudelson b Feb 18, 1882 in MO; Anna "Ethel" Hudelson b Jan 13, 1884 in MO; Joseph Walter Hudelson b Mar 4, 1891 in MO; 

Robert Marion Hudelson, b 8 Sept 1894 in MO; and Lucie Margaret Hudelson b 30 May 1897 in MO.

Any information on the Hudleson family would be very appreciated. Thanks,

Sue :)



 #25     Laura schmidtm@3-cities.com

Helping a friend get started in genealogy.  Looking for information on William Lemon STUMBAUGH born March 17, 1890 in Phillips Co, CO.  He was son of Lemon Stumbaugh.  William was married to Bertha MILLER and lived in Enders and Imperial (Chase Co) NE.  He was murdered there in 1926.  Before he died he was father to at least 4 children.  Any info on any part of this family is appreciated.  Thanks!  



#26         Cheri O'Neal      meadows@gemsi.com

Am looking for information on Indian Raids in Chase Co., Wauneta, Nebraska in 1878 on the Stinkingwater as my great, great grandfather was involved in one where he took all the children to safety during it and his best friend was killed during the raid, who was the postmaster at the time and My g.g.g. grandfather James COOPER Jr. became postmaster following this. We do have a letter he wrote to one of the children he rescued years later at there request for an accounting of the events that happened that day as it was there father who had died. Would like any information you can come up with on the subject of the Raid or James Cooper Jr. or any likely sources I can try on the Internet to find some information. You can e-mail me at  if you have found anything useful.

Thank you,



#27     Scott Frazelle      frazelle@peoplepc.com


I'm doing research on my ancestors. I'm looking for ANY information on Moses Amadon FRAZELL who died in Wauneta, NE on 13 Oct 1908 and Margaret FRAZELL who died in Wauneta, NE on 11 Apr 1910. I'm especially looking for any relatives.




#28  Don Nichols         Dblnckls@aol.com

Looking for information on a Louise Boro, who was born then died in Lamar, Chase, NE.  Information that I have is that she was born and died in February 1933. I was looking for the birth/death date and name of cemetery she is buried in. Thanks.


  #29 Rosa Quinton   bearque@brightok.net   

 I have just came across information that my sons' greatgrandfather gave Champion, Chase Co., Nebraska as his address on his "declaration on Intent for citizenship".  His name was Rudolf Swarowsky.  He came to America in July 1909 via Boston MA, from Austria.  He was in Alaska in 1920.  I don't know exactly when he made his " declaration " Thank you,



#30    Clara Oliverius      machine@gbta.net

I am looking for information about The William Gray and Laura Belle Clemans family. They moved to or near Lamar, Nebraska in 1905 or 1906. Their first 5 children were born in Chase county. They then moved to Hitchcock, County near Trenton Nebraska. Any information about this family would be appreciated. They were my grandparents.



#31     Jack Haynes       jrh@pdqnet.net

Jane Lang age 73, is living with her son William Bell in the 1900 census at Chase twp, Chase County. She is not listed in the 1910 census and I believe she died between 1900 and 1910. Her husband Benjamin Lang may have died there before the 1900 census. Her son William is on a Rootsweb site as having died in Chase County in 1930. I seek death dates so obituaries can be obtained for these three people. I will pay for this information.

Thank you for any help you can provide.



#32      Gary Sander garsand@cts.com


I am looking for info on Charles (Chas.) A. Sander in Wauneta during the late 1880's and early 1890's.  I know he was a truck farmer selling fruits and vegetables but I have few other details.  If you come across any info or links regarding him, please send them to the addy above.

Thank You



#33  Teresa GRADOLF.

My mother is Vivian Bogart her father was Orville Bogart his father Charles O'Conor, Bogart his father Moses White Bogart his Mary Melvin Buchanan thank you I am looking for the links, GRADOLF, or Teresa Purscelley



#34     Frances Wentz Taber    taber@net-magic.net    




#35 Lucy   JIMBANDLUCI@aol.com

I am not sure if Stratton is in Chase or Dundy. My Aunt and Uncle lived there for years and had a creamery and farm, a son, Dale. Ivan and Hattie Ruggles. I would love to have more info on them. in 1900 and 1919 my grandmother Virginia May (Jenny May) Lyons Hall Huckins was a home nurse in Stratton. She trained at some hospital there. She married Charles Chauncy Huckins in 1887 in Benklemen then lived in Stratton. Someone named Fisher, her mothers maiden name stood up at there wedding. Any information about either would be so appreciated. Even if you are not sure, I would appreciate even a clue. I cannot find where my grandmother was buried. Thank you.



#36  Ed Shelton    Ejshell2302@aol.com

Hays(Hayes T.) Kline was my maternal grandfather. He died in Wauneta, Chase County, Ne in the later 1950s. He married Aldelphia Benge in Iowa as he and his cousin Milton Wadely were traveling from their home in Lancaster Pa to Nebraska in the 1800s. His cousin Milton married Adelphia's sister Maggie. I am searching for any information on Hayes and Adelphia, such as parentage, etc. Thanks for any information and help. Ed Shelton.



#37  Jamie Barrett     JMELN@aol.com

Hello. Do you have any more information on the Enders post office in Chase County? I know that my Great Grandmother was the first post master in a town named Enders in Nebraska but am not sure if this is the same place. It is also where my Great Grandfather owned a hunting lodge; Langley Lodge, which I have been trying to find information on for years.

Any information would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you



#38  Gwen Klinger  kgwen@okstate.edu

I may have a member of my family in the Wauneta cemetery. He was married to my grandfathers sister, Edith Murray and his name was Tolisso Ethebert (Bert) Fields. He died in the 1890's (I think). I don't know if there is any record for him or not. If you find anything on Bert will you let me know.(Webmaster Note: I did check the cemetery index which I am getting ready to put on line and there are no Field members listed. :(((   )

My great grandfather was James Lewis Murray, he resided in Wauneta, Chase Cnty, Nebraska in 1890. I have a copy of his application for pension from the Civil War. It is called a Declaration of Invalid Pension. He was applying for this pension as part of this act dated June 27, 1890. He served in the Iowa Volunteers during the Civil War. One of his sons was born there in Wauneta, NE on Feb. 2, 1891. His name was Ray Lymon Murray, Ray was their 10th and last child. My g-grandmother was Sarah Ann Moore Murray. I do not know why James and family left Kansas to move to Nebraska, but that is were they where as of 2 Aug1890, and 3 Mar 1891, then the next time I find them they are in Pawnee County Oklahoma in 1895.

If you have any record or any idea of anywhere I may find anything concerning my g-grandparents I would appreciate your help. There could have been a land patent or something in Chase County that lead them there. Would appreciate any help you could give me on where to look for this info, or if you know someone who does research there in Chase County would appreciate their email address.

Thanks for the help. I enjoyed your web site. Congratulations. Gwen Murray Klinger

Thanks. Gwen



#39  Sydne McCoskey    Denver, CO     jjmcii@attglobal.net

I am looking for help on a family: Edwin Bert Simpson and Lillian M. Keller. I know that they lived in Imperial and Champion. Would like to know what cemetery they are buried. Also need help finding their children and their descendants. Children: Gene, Edna, Jennie, Lillie, Robert, Teddy, and Victor. 

I know that they were in Champion as late as 1961. (Bert and Lillian)  They died in 1970 and 1973 resp.

Have a good day. Thanks to all for the help and time. 



#40    Al Martin.  tazntoad@wizard.com

Do you have anything on Jonathan or Almond around Wauneta after 1906, or anywhere in the county?  Thank You!




My grandmother, Gertrude Frances Shaw, was born in Gering, Nebraska in 1914. According to her birth record, a photocopy of which she obtained from the Scotts Bluff County recorder's office, her mother (Gertrude Adelaide Pascoe) was born in "Emperial" (sic), Nebraska and was 25 yrs. old when she gave birth, making her birth year 1889. My grandmother told me again yesterday that, as she remembers it, her mother was born in Imperial. She also further believes, but is less sure, that Imperial is where her older brother, William Loren Shaw, was born in 1910.

As for where they might be buried--Gertude Adelaide Pascoe and her husband, Hudson Loren Shaw, both died tragically on April 2, 1922 and are buried in Price, Utah. (The incident was well covered in the local newspapers of the time). Gertrude Adelaide's father, Francis Nathan Pascoe, is believed to have died in 1906 in Marshalltown, Iowa. I have no burial information on Julia GertudeYeamans.

I'm looking for information on Gertude Adelaide PASCOE (daughter of Francis Nathan PASCOE and Julia YEAMANS) born in Imperial, Nebraska in 1889.

Might the County Recorder's office have a birth record that early on? Or should I go through Lincoln?

I will look into the mailing list for further help.



#42   Scott Frazelle      frazelle@peoplepc.com

I am trying to get info on some of my ancestors from your web site. . I'm looking for any info on Moses Amadon FRAZELL, who died in Wauneta on Oct 13, 1908. His wife died in Wauneta on Apr 11, 1910. Her name was Margaret FRAZELL. I'm looking for any info available on this family, especially relatives. Any help you might give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,



#43    James Harlow  P.O. Box 1111  Sand Springs, OK 74063 

 jly@ionet.net   alternate email: mlinc1999@hotmail.com

Looking for information about Chase County, Mount Hope Cemetery, and the Cobb, Coleman and Seal families whose members I believe are buried in that cemetery. Those names would be: George Washington Cobb; Harriet "Artie" Jane (Coleman) Cobb; Reece Coleman; Jane (Seal) Coleman; William Seal; and possibly Elizabeth? Lizzie" (Coleman) ?



#44            carolync@unr.edu

Here's a story (written by my great grandmother -- using her spelling) that may interest your readers. \

Written by Ollie Thompson (wife of James Henry Thompson and mother of Roy) in 1942:  It won't be [long] before Roy H. Thompson will celebrate his 54th birthday. Seventeenth of Nov. He was born near Dunbar in Otoe County, Nebraska -- 10 miles [west] of Nebraska City which is on the Mississippi River. He moved with his parents Jas. and Ollie Rhodes Thompson to a homestead in Chase County, Nebraska on a claim or homestead. And his first school was in a sod schoolhouse called Goddard School. His first teacher was Miss Kelly who lived in or near a blowout and drove a one-horse card and came by and took Roy to and from school. Roy wouldn't eat his dinner in the schoolhouse, but would take his bucket out behind the house and eat it. Some of the blowouts was a half a quarter or more wide at the top and nearly that deep, sloping in at bottom. And when there was a sand storm, the sand twists out of them way up in air like a whirlwind. Could see for miles around. The kiots [coyotes] would howl up on a slope in front in front of our house, and wolves, too. We could see snakes quite often. One man went to bed one night and there was a rattlesnake in with him. A hack brought our mail from a RR station about 40-50 miles away, about 2 times a week, drawn by horses. Roy had a dog that didn't allow anything abused. One day Roy's daddie was plowing potatoes, and when he turned one horse got out the trace and his daddie went to kick to make [it] get back. And the dog run and bit him on seat [of] pants. Of course he looked to see what pinched him, and his foot went down in a hurry. And of course,  I had to laugh, which wasen't [sic] enjoyed by Jim. Later on Roy moved back with his parents to Illinois, and brought his little mountain burrow mule with him, and it to school which was Young America which was taught by Miss Houser, Mr. Roger's sister, and Barrett and Harold's aunt. NOTE: Land records in the Chase County, Nebraska, Court Hous show that James H. Thompson purchased land from Oran Oliver, on Dec. 4, 1887, and the deed was filed Jan. 2, 1888. Land description: Northeast quarter of Section 14, Township 6, Range 40, West 6 P.M. -- 160 acres for $1,000. He mortgaged the property for $367.50 to George L. Baker on March 31, 1892, nd paid off the mortgage on January 28, 1893. Chase County school records show that Ida M. Kelly Kimberling was superintendent of schools from 1900-1903. Could this be Roy’s teacher?


The school was known as the Goddard School and was located on the SW4 of Section 11, Township 6, North, Range 40. Will and Ira Goddard helped organize the school and the first building was sod. Loree Towell remembers his father taught in the district when it was a sod school with a dirt floor. They had a public dance to secure proceeds for the district in order to buy books for the children to study. Arrie Banks recalls that the cattle rubbed the corners of their sod school and they had to be rebuilt each fall. At the time, Mrs. Banks recalls, the school had acquired a wood floor. When they decided to have a frame building, it was moved in from another district. Nelson Smith helped with the moving and sustained a broken leg while working on the project. Chase County History Published by Chase County Historical Society, Inc. Volume IV, First Printing Dec. 1971, page 8. The listing of County Superintendents of Schools on page 23 of the same document begins in 1886. Female names dominate the list. Ida M. Kelly Kimberling was superintendent for four years (1900-1903). She was the ninth superintendent and the fourth female to hold the office. The next 13 superintendents (1904-1971) were all female The earliest listing of teacher salaries in this document was for 1908-1909. The salary was $35 for six months. Not until 1913-1914 did the salary rise to $50 for six months.

     According to the 1900 U.S. Census for Champion Township of Chase County, Nebraska, Ida M. Kelly, was a daughter of William H. Kelly and was born in 1870 in Iowa. While we can’t be sure at this time that this was the Miss Kelly who became superintendent, it is interesting to consider the possibility. Carolyn Chapman

Reno, NV


#45      dgms@myhome.net

The Charles O. Stevens family lived in the Imperial areafrom about1884 to 1889. Jessie Stevens was born Dec.9,1884 and died in 1889.Myrtle Iva Stevens was born Feb.11,1886, and Harry Edwin Stevens was born Dec.5 1887.Allwere born in the Imperial area. Another brother Joseph was born in Wyoming and he was brought to the Imperial area to be buried with his brother Jessie in 1890. Does anyone have any idea where JESSIE and JOSEPH STEVENS may be buried. 

any info would be very helpful.



#46 Al  tazntoad@wizard.com

Do you know of a Burl in the county?
I have herd of it before but don't know if it is or, was a town, cemetery or post office. All I know is Brule by Ogallala. Next ( pipe dream) if I can get the LDS center here to get all the census film in here for Chase co. could I do some lookups for others? They have some already and I need to look at them anyway. I am not having to much luck getting the land records I want. By the way do you have a mailing list for Chase co? I think at one time you said you had a cousin living here and ask what part of town I live in and I never answered. I live in the spring Mountain area. If anything exciting happens keep me posted. Al



#47    Delores    Deebob3@aol.com

My gg-grandfather, William Smith BENSON arrived in Tilden (guess it is now Burnett) or vise versa in the fall of 1868. Took out homestead papers 1871. He was a widower with a young daughter, Laura Elizabeth. He married Margaret CARNES in Sept 1874. The Burnett Blade newspaper had them mentioned a lot in the Local Brevities over the years. The last copy I have is Jan. 1887. I want to find where he died and was buried. The same holds true for his wife. She was much younger than he so she could have remarried if he died before her. He went by W. Smith BENSON or just Smith BENSON in his homestead papers. His first wife, Celinda Bennett died young and left 3 daughters. Only the youngest came with him to Ne. and need to find Almira and Carrie Benson. Have no clue yet to where they grew up. Almira was b. abt 1857; Carrie abt 1859 and Laura b 1861 (she was my g-grandmother). The girls were all born in Michigan. But my first order of business is tracing Smith Benson. Hope you are well on your way to a full recovery. 

Keep Climbing



#48     Judy    edjudy@clearwater.net

I'm interested in getting my hands on the obit. of Wallace W. Davis. If you could do anything about getting that for me, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks, 



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